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  • A Crossbowman in Maplestory [05/18/2014]
    Though the attack speed of a crossbowman is low, they have very high damage which is comparatively better than that of a hunter. Once an archer is level up 30, they can become a crossbowman. If you wa...
  • How to be the Best Sniper in Maplestory? [05/18/2014]
    The Sniper belongs to the Bowman Class, who has high damage dealt to a single monster in Maple World and pretty high DEF. When you level up 70, you can become a sniper. If you want to become the best ...
  • Easter Promotion Get Free Mesos!!!! Will Send $10000 Gift Also!!!! [05/18/2014]
    Happy Easter! Promotion! ...
  • Killing Monsters in Aqua Road [05/18/2014]
    Aqua Road located in the continent of Oaayia and is an underwater area. If you want to come to there, be sure that your level is 30 and the above. Why you’d better reaches level 30 when you wan...
  • New Maple Story Power leveling Service, Big Surprising! [05/18/2014]
    We have successfully updated the Power leveling service, the new Maple story Power leveling is made up of level training, Packages, and other products. Most power leveling packages contain equipment, ...
  • Maplestory Zakum helmet for sale now! [05/18/2014]
    Dear customer, We start to have Zakum helmet for sale, we will help all customers to get Zakum helmet under any conditions.
  • Hermit Guides in Maplestory [05/18/2014]
    Hermits has good ranger attacking and they have plenty of support and attacking skills. Besides, they are able to use Shadow Partner, a skill that will mimics your attacks when you kill monsters. Let ...
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