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  • Halloween Promotion Event Started! [05/19/2014]
    Halloween is coming soon. MAPLESTORYER wish you a Happy Halloween! In order to enhance the festive atmosphere and make most customers enjoying more benefits and discounts, MAPLESTORYER prepared large ...
  • Basic Introduction to Aran [05/19/2014]
    Aran, a singular hero/heroine existing in the Maple World, used to be a hero/heroine of the past who fought for the Maple World against the Black Magician. Just before defeating the Black Magician alo...
  • mesosms:Warlords of Draenor will build New Hallow's End rewards [07/20/2014]
    Although we don't know if the holiday itself will be getting a facelift in Warlords of Draenor, it looks like fans of Hallow's End will be getting some new toys to play with in the next expansion.
  • Maplestory Color your Life [05/19/2014]
    Since spring is coming, Nexon starts a favorable event to all maplers. From April 21st to May 4th, it is Rainbow Week in Maple World. Maplers can save 20% on the Rainbow Package, a multi-colored ensem...
  • Maplestory Zakum helmet for sale now! [05/19/2014]
    Dear customer, We start to have Zakum helmet for sale, we will help all customers to get Zakum helmet under any conditions.
  • How to be a Millionaire in Maplestory? [05/19/2014]
    What can you do in order to become the rich in Maplestory? The first way to earn mesos is to kill monsters. Sometimes, monsters will drop weapons and items. What you need to do is just to pick them up...
  • How to be a Dark Knight? [05/19/2014]
    The Dark Knight is the fourth job advancement for Dragon Knights. The Dark Knight has some special skills. One of the most famous skills is the Beholder— an active support skill that heals or b...
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