Places to Train as an Assassin

mesosms Date: May/19/14 07:26:28 Views: 884
If you are a member of the Thieve Class and you become an Assassin after the second job advancement. Perhaps now you are eager to know where you can train youself. When your level is increasing, more places will be available to you. Once your level reaches 30 and above, Ant Tunnel is the most suitable place to train your skills. There you can kill a great deal of Zombie Mushrooms and Horny Mushrooms and you won’t be attacked for there are a few platforms. When you level up 35 or above, you can go to Sakura Cellions in Armonria or the Jr. Cellions in Orbis, where you can make mesos. If you want to get exp, train at Teddies in Ludibrium. When your level reaches 40, you can still stay at Teddies in Ludibrium. Once your level is 45 or above, you can kill Jr. Celion, Jr. Grupin and Jr. Lioner. Besides, you can fire Boars at Dangerous Valley. Also you can do the Ludi Maze Party quest or Monster Carnival Season2 as you reach 50 or above. You can also train in Forest of Golem. When your level is 60 or above, I believe, you are very excelled in finding the proper place to train, because you have spend a lot of time in the Maple World. I also suggest that Wild Cargo Area or Dangerous Valley II should be available. In the process of trainning youself, never give up. Maplerstoryer will help you shorten the time if you are eager to be a perfect Assassin.