Riding a Unicorn— Looking Stylish

mesosms Date: May/19/14 07:26:28 Views: 128
Have you ever dreamed of riding a majestic unicorn? Now, your dream will come true. Nexon announces that players can find the Unicorn Riding Skill in Gachapon from April 21 to May 4. During the two weeks, you will also get an awesome Pink Bean Hairhand in Gachapon, which makes you look good on your new mount. If you’ve never mastered the Riding Skill, it doesn’t matter. You can ride your Unicorn into the sunset as long as your level is 13 and above. Besides, some pretty big horns have affixed to an Onyx Dragons’ head. If you are a Dragon Master Evan, you will certainly want to pick up some Gachapon tickets for the special Dragon Glasses Scrolls. These scrolls make Dragon Glasses even more powerful. During this season, you have the opportunity to have them. In Gachapon, you can not only get these scrolls, but also along with 50% and 100% Magician scrolls. That sounds amazing.